About Us

Who we are

We are a family business dedicated to the production, processing and sale of coffee harvested in our own farms, which seeks to differentiate the product with the competitive advantages it has, such as altitude, soils, climate, origin and above all, unique varieties and differentiated care that is given to the plantations to obtain a high quality product.
  • The altitude of the farms is between 1650 and 2100 meters above sea level.
  • The plantations have unique varieties, such as Caturra, Catuaí, Borbon, Gesha, Típica among others.
  • The plantations are carefully managed to obtain a high quality product, as demanded by our customers, buyers and consumers.
  • We work on the nutrition of the plantations and soils so that they are healthy, strong and produce quality crops.
  • The beneficiation system is clean and environmentally friendly.
  • We work with innovative processing processes that improve the quality of the cup.

BENEFICIO DON MAYO is recognized as a company that is focused exclusively to the sector of fine markets worldwide, because it offers coffee with pure origin, traceability, and deliveries that meet all the expectations of our customers.
We are recognized as a company directed to the sector of fine markets worldwide, because we offer coffee with origin, traceability and zero defects. This approach has allowed us to export coffee exported by us is superior to the conventional market and put up the quality of Costa Rican coffee, placing it in exclusive, demanding and sophisticated markets such as Japan, South Korea, United States, Australia and Europe.

Our Essence

Our objective is "To produce, harvest, process and export a differentiated coffee of high quality in harmony with the environment and to be forgers of the growth of the coffee industry in the Tarrazú area".

The Mission

It consists of "Being leaders in the production and handling of coffee, offering an exclusive product for its quality, exceeding the expectations of our consumers and being promoters of the development of our community".

The Vision

The Vision is focused on "Being a company recognized worldwide for the constant excellence and differentiation of our coffee".